Traditional Canadian Meaty Dishes You Must Prepare This Weekend 

The best kind of people is those who love to eat. Don’t you agree? 

Canadians also enjoy their traditional dishes, especially on weekends. Prepping up a meal for everyone feels great and you could even get together with everyone and prep up a sumptuous meal. 

Since you’re here, we would love to share the most amazing traditional Canadian meaty dishes that you can prepare this weekend. 

This article will reveal the names of those meaty and yummy dishes! So, dive right in! 

Prep up the Classic Poutine 

One of the most famous dishes in Canada has to be Poutine. It is made of pulled pork, bacon, and other yummy ingredients. 

When in doubt and feel like eating something porky, you should prepare the poutine. 

Lobster Rolls Make Everyone Happy 

Delicious lobster rolls will make the whole family happy. Canadians love this dish a little too much and they usually serve it up with some fries. 

Canada has some really great meat places that offer wild-caught salmon. Papa Earth meat delivery Montreal is the place where you can get fresh meats. They deliver the delectable meats right at your doorstep. 

Montreal-style smoked and saucy meat 

Inhabitants in Montreal take their smoked meat seriously. It is smoky, flavourful, and good-looking too. 

It’s quite similar to pastrami – you place the smoked meat between two pieces of bread. Top it up with some yellow mustard and enjoy the sandwich. 

Montreal-style smoked and saucy meat is the perfect lunch and dinner fix. 

Hold that thought! Beef brisket needs to be smoked and cured for a week to get the perfect meat for this sandwich. 

You can serve it to guests and even make these for a little picnic on a sunny day. 

Game meat for the win 

Some Canadians love their game meat, but you need to buy it from a reliable source like Papa Earth. They’re the best when it comes to delivering different kinds of meats. 

Venison and moose are some of the favorites of Canadians. You can check out the collection of game meats, and choose something new this time. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Canadians love meat, but that does not mean you can’t serve braised or steamed veggies with these. 

You can experiment and serve all kinds of veggies with your meats. Don’t forget to try the famous traditional meaty Canadian dishes! 

Some of them are easy to make and are quite flavourful too. You will be proud once the dish is set and done! 

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