Things To Know About Comb Honey 


Honeycombs are available for purchase as many prefer purchasing combs over the honey that is extracted from them. Here, beeswax, and extra labor for the extraction of honeycomb are used successfully, and the final cost for the combs will include the packaging costs as well. Hence, the cost of a honeycomb is quite expensive when compared to the available honey in both the raw and pasteurized form. 

What is Honey in its Comb Form 

Comb honey is the type of honey that is present in the original form of honey. This option is also known as raw honey. When extra heat is added, a little settling and straining during the extraction of honey in the comb form will get the natural form of honey to the buyers. The honey jars that you find in the supermarkets will have the pasteurized form of honey, and this honey will have the processed form of the product. 

Raw Honey 

Raw honey is the honey that is available in its purest form. It is an unfiltered, unprocessed, and also the unpasteurized form of honey and will have all the supplements that will be normally present in honey that is squeezed freshly from the comb. This is the honey that is directly stored by the bees inside the comb after they bring home nectar from flowers. 

Raw honey will have pollen, beeswax, and dead bees in it. Hence, people prefer pasteurized honey as it will be free from all unwanted additions. Organic honey is the form of honey that is heated and filtered. It is entirely different from raw honey and also pasteurized honey. 

Liquid honey vs. honeycombs 


The highest price for honey in the comb is $45 and for raw honey is $25. The lowest price for honey in the comb is $16 and $5 for raw honey. When you check the average, you will notice that the price for raw honey is quite cheaper than the honey that is available inside the comb as it is. 

Production Cost 

Wax comb that is available in the market is charged based on some important factors such as the overall cost of the beekeeper and also the charges for obtaining bees. Honey comb is made from beeswax and bees use these wax cells to store pollen, brood, and also to store the nectar that they bring from every flower. 

As the number of bees increases in a hive, so do the honeycombs. These offer enough space for the bees to store all the nectar that they bring from different flowers. Hence, the charges for a honeycomb are higher than that for the honey that is available inside the bottles. 

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