How To Enjoy Italian Red Wine

Typically known as the home of wine, Italy has a rich and diverse wine heritage. The Italian wine commonly comes from the cool climate of Pinot Nero to the warmest area of Primitivo in the South; there are a variety of grapes used within these productions. So, how exactly should you enjoy the selection of red wines available?

Meat Dishes

What’s more relaxing than an evening of good food and a glass of your favourite wine. With all the wines on the market, it can be hard to decipher which complements a dish best. But, with red wine, meat and chocolate dishes work well.

Red Meat

Steak, lamb and other red meats complement well with red wine, with the tannins from the grape skins enhancing their flavours. With tannin molecules softening the regular fat within red meat, this increases the release of more flavour to the palette. If you’re having an evening meal with red meat and would like a wine to complement well, why not The Fledge & Co Red Blend, which pairs well with red meats and casserole dishes.


Whether it’s a roasted rack, leg or lamb cutlets, red wine pairs well with these dishes. Red wines can serve a sweet and tangy flavour, so mixing with a lamb-based meal will allow the meat to become more tender.

Want to appreciate the full flavour of a red wine? Take a small sip and swirl in your mouth, ensuring you fully absorb the flavours and capture the range of levels. Why not try the Primitivo di Manduria San Gaetano Celebration Cantine due Palme alongside your lamb dish, creating a delicious mix of flavours within your meal.


A cheese board with grapes, crackers and a glass of red wine. Bliss. For your next cheese board platter, opting for bold and aged cheeses will complement well with a glass of Italian red wine.


Looking for a wine to suit your chocolate dessert? Recioto della Valpolicella Zenato will compliment well, with its high intensity of fruit and smooth texture. If you have a soft spot for chocolate, opting for this red wine will offer a rich taste.

Dark Chocolate Truffles

As mentioned, we know that chocolate desserts serve well alongside a glass of red wine, but with the intensity of dark chocolate, these flavours will heighten more so. So, when you next grab a box of dark chocolate, have a red wine in hand. With the high intensities of flavour, chocolate works perfectly well with red wine, without leaving the wine bitter.

Red Velvet Cake

Corresponding well with the colour of red wine, red velvet cake can serve highly with a glass of red wine. This will give room for bringing out the layers of chocolate. If you want the best of both worlds, that being red and chocolate together, whipping up a red velvet cake containing red wine will add that extra element to your evening treat.


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