Four Ways to Absolutely Enjoy Montreal

Quebec is a wonderful province of Canada. If you are on your tour to Canada and you don’t visit Quebec, you can’t really say you saw Canada. Canada is totally incomplete without this wonderful city. 

That’s why every year, millions of people rush to Quebec to see the stunning beauty and architecture of the province. You might already know Quebec for its comedy, maple syrup, hockey, and much more. 

But, when it comes to Quebec, its best thing perhaps is Montreal. Montreal is such a wonderful city that you can enjoy in an endless number of ways. 

If you are in Canada and want to see Quebec, Montreal should be the first place you go. We’ll tell you what you need to do in Montreal and how you can enjoy the best of it. 

Keep reading to find out the best four things you can and should do in Montreal. 

  • Enjoy Its History

Montreal is an old town and an island famous for its fantastic architecture. So, while you wander through Montreal, take a deep look at the city’s stunning history. 

Visit its narrow old streets and take pictures of the old 19th-century marvelous buildings. Enjoy the cobblestone lanes just to feel the majestic architecture of the city. Don’t miss out on St. Paul Street and Notre Dame Basilica. 

  • Hike Mont-Royal

You would absolutely love to see the majestic beauty of Montreal from up above. Well, that’s precisely why you should hike Mont-Royal. Even though it is just 200m tall, it will give a mesmerizing view of the city. 

It’s just 15 minutes uphill walk and totally worth it. You can also enjoy the tam-tam performers on Mont-Royal. 

  • Try Canadian Poutine

Just like you can’t miss Montreal, you can’t miss trying the Quebecois poutines as well. It consists of French fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds. However, you will get many variations and can try them as you wish. 

  • Lachine Canal

Locals from Montreal absolutely recommend and love having picnics by the Lachine canal. It is one of the places that people overlook. It’s just a couple of minutes away from the Old Town, and you will absolutely love a picnic by the canal side. 

It also has a beautiful bike path along the river bank. And, if you get tired and are looking for a place to eat and rest, you should also try out the Riverside resto st henri for its cocktails, beer menus, basketball and volleyball courts, bbq, weather-friendly terrace, and much more. 


Montreal is perhaps among the most beautiful cities in the world. The wonderful architecture of the city and its natural sites like the Lachine Canal and Mont-Royal are absolutely worth visiting. 

Walking in Montreal will give you a sense of awe as you see the old city and its beautiful history. 

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