Enjoy the ultimate Vietnamese delicacies at Richmond

Distinctly flavored and taste buds stimulating Vietnamese food is cooked using fresh ingredients like plenty of herbs and spices for dishes made with rice, noodles, vegetables, and non-vegetarian ingredients like seafood, beef, or pork.

The Vietnamese dishes can be easily recognized from the typical smell or aroma of fresh herbs and pungent fish sauce in almost every dish.

You cannot miss the aroma of freshly prepared pungent fish sauce while passing through restaurants owned by Vietnamese at Richmond.

Influence on Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese food is based on good use and blending of fresh herbs and ingredients to produce the best Vietnamese dishes that contain all five flavors such as sweet, salty, sour, tangy, and hot with a lot of variations in terms of sweetness, chilliness, and tempting flavors.

Primarily, Vietnamese cuisine in northern Vietnam is highly influenced by China and is famous for noodle-based soups whereas food in Southern Vietnam is more flavor-based, being closer to Cambodia and Thailand.

Southern Vietnam, being a tropical and more fertile region, produces more rice, coconut, and a variety of herbs and spices that are used for making awesome tasting dishes that possess a perfect balance of aroma, sweetness, sourness, salty, and tanginess.

As compared to other regions, dishes in Southern Vietnam are sweeter in taste due to ample of use palm sugar especially in making dishes like coconut candies using coconut cream.

Besides regional influence, Vietnamese food is heavily influenced by French cuisine right from days of French Colonial rule that ended in the mid1950’s.

The mouth-watering delicious Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches are based on French baguette and nowadays cook with many innovations using fish patties, sardines, grilled pork, pickled carrots, cilantro, lemongrass, and a variety of other fillings like simmered beef bones. Vietnamese sandwiches when served with fish sauce produce the ultimate taste in the mouth.

Exceptionally tasting and flavored Vietnamese dish called Pho, greatly influenced by French cooking is prepared by perfectly blending rice and noodles with meat broths using a variety of mints, basil, cilantro, lemongrass, long-simmered beef bones, and fish sauce.

Herbs, spices, and other aromatic ingredients used in Vietnamese cuisines

Most Vietnamese at Richmond cook the dish that is always immensely flavored, evocating, and pungent smell created to a perfect and well-balanced blending of fresh spices herbs, and other ingredients.

Following Vietnam’s traditional culinary; Vietnamese at Richmond and other places, use Ginger Chives, Mint, Vietnamese Mint, Lime, Thai Basil, Lemongrass, Long Coriander, Green Onions, etc. along with spies like Saigon Cinnamon, Bird’s Eye Chilli and Black Pepper liberally for cooking Vietnamese cuisine.

Especially in cooking Vietnamese fish dish called Cha Ca, Dill is used as more of vegetable than herb. Turmeric to produce golden effects and Tamarind Pulp to create tanginess in vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian Vietnamese dishes.

Mostly, people love the taste of fish sauces served along with non-vegetarian dishes cooked using fresh herbs and spices for seafood like Freshwater Fish, Crustaceans, and Molluscs like Prawns, Crabs, Shrimps, Clams, Squids, Mussels, etc.

When you wish to satisfy your taste buds with Vietnamese food cooked by experienced cooks that are trained by original Vietnamese at Richmond; visit to enjoy Vietnamese delicacies at the prestigious New Quarter Vietnamese restaurant at Richmond.

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