Bring your appetite to CiCi’s Pizza

CiCi pizzas offer anything from BBQ pork to macaroni and cheese, so you’ll want to try a slice or two. Pizza, cavatappi pasta, soup, salad, wings and desserts are just some of the options available at the endless buffet, all of which can be had for a fair price. Additionally, if your favourite pizza variety isn’t on the buffet, they can make one for you right there and then. Founded in 1989 in the state of Texas, CiCi’s Pizza is a popular American buffet restaurant chain with great CiCi’s Pizza Buffet prices. For its exquisite pizza choices, it is particularly well-known. Pizza is the specialty at this eatery, which serves a wide selection of toppings. So, if you’re thinking of going, do your homework on the meal first.

Pizza from CiCi’s Has a Distinguished Past

CiCi’s Pizza, started in 1985 by Joe Croce and Mike Cole, now has over 600 locations in 35 states. Although CiCi’s is one of the nation’s fastest-growing pizza chains, there aren’t any other major players in the pizza buffet market that compete with it. Aside from catering and to-go orders, CiCi’s also generates revenue via a game section and a custom buffet. Since then, CiCi’s Pizza has hired a new CEO, Michael Shumsky, and he has stated ambitions to open another 500 outlets in the next decade.

How much does it cost to open a Cici’s Pizza franchise? How much does it cost to open a Cici’s Pizza franchise?

The initial investment in a Cici’s Pizza franchise can range from $446,000 to $715,000. The franchise fee is $30,000. Initial investment ranges from $446,000 to more than $715,000 dollars. Franchisees must set aside 4-6 percent of net sales (depending on the shop’s profitability) each month to pay an ongoing royalty fee. CiCi’s Pizza also demands that they contribute 3% of their revenue to advertising campaigns, which can be increased at the company’s discretion. In order to own a CiCi’s Pizza franchise, you must have a credit score above 720, at least $250,000 in cash, and a net worth at least three times that amount.

Pizza Entrepreneurship at CiCi’s: There Are Numerous Opportunities with other information:

Franchisees who seek to open more than four locations simultaneously in order to maximise revenues will be helped by CiCi’s Pizza Business, which has lately pledged $5 million to a Franchisee Investment Program. To suitable individuals with modest goals but a strong commitment to the company, other financing options are available.

Before opening their first location, Cici’s Pizza franchisees must go through a two- to three-month training programme in Dallas. Once the store has opened, ongoing training is provided to guarantee that the brand and the franchise are operating at their peak potential.


Ambitious business owners who are eager to establish their personal financial independence will find an excellent opportunity to do so at CiCi’s. Since CiCi has over 650 locations, it has tremendous purchasing power that helps keep costs down while allowing for national TV and radio advertising, which is possible because of the system’s size. Despite its size, the company is able to give franchisees with personalised support with fresh CiCi’s Pizza Buffet price 2022 in the areas of shop location selection, store management and training, as well as local store marketing strategies.

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