Are the rising costs of pizza toppings affecting your bottom line?  

Australia’s already tightening belts are set for more bad news as the cost of two essential kitchen ingredients rises. The cost of these items has been making headlines recently as grocery and market prices have risen. According to Victorian Farmers Federation president Emma Germano, cheese and butter products will likely be added to that list because of a worldwide dairy shortage.

During 2021/22, milk production in Australia is projected to decline 3.5% YoY to 8.57 billion litres. While farmer confidence is rising and prices are higher, current constraints and margin risk will continue in 2022/23, with milk forecast at 8.55bn gallons.

Land competition, high beef prices, and labour shortages contribute to farmer exits and delay expansion plans. With rising fuel & fertiliser prices and significant economic uncertainty, farmers are adopting a cautious business posture. This is why dairy products are seeing price increases in proportion to volume sold, with the price of milk, cheese, yellow spreads, and yogurt increasing in market price.

Is the rising cost affecting your bottom line?

There is no denying pizza is one of the world’s most popular foods, and the secrets behind famous pizza recipes are passed down from generation to generation to create a century-long rivalry between different styles and even different cities. However, if you ask any pizza professional, they’ll tell you that the perfect pizza begins with the right cheese.

Since inflation caused price increases, which many had hoped would return to normal, big chain restaurants have had to adapt to inflation and supply shortages by being more flexible. There is no way to predict when the next supply chain disruption will occur or how long it will take for operations to return to normal. Still, restaurant operators can develop strategies to handle ongoing supply chain interruptions.

As a result, restaurants across the country have been trying to cut costs by replacing some ingredients with more affordable variations and adding new dishes to their menu that won’t impact their bottom line. In cases where you can’t bear to pull a dish from your menu, finding substitute ingredients can be a good strategy to take.

For instance, pizza restaurants can experiment with different cheese products without hurting their bottom line; they’ve been doing it for better or worse.

Considering that the cost of cheeses like buffalo mozzarella, bocconcini and burrata is rising dramatically, there is one alternative that restaurants can use without disappointing their customers or pizzas; cheese curds.

Fresh cheese curds have a mild, slightly salty flavour, and not only do they look good on pizza, but they also taste great.

As a result of rising costs, many businesses and pizza restaurants are substituting more expensive cheeses like buffalo mozzarella, bocconcini or burrata for cheaper and lower-quality mozzarella. Unfortunately, your customers will recognise the drop in quality.

Are Cheese Curds the alternative to saving your bottom line?

If you’re a business looking for a cheese alternative that maintains the same great quality, look no further than Pure Dairy’s Cheese Curds. Our curds not only hold the same characteristics as bocconcini but also melts perfectly across your pizza bases, leaving no oily residue.

Can cheese curds be the next plausible cheese alternative to your pizzas? We know they can be.

Pure Dairy’s Cheese Curds are individually quick frozen (IQF), a quick-freezing process that keeps the cheese’s signature squeak in and ensures freshness, extending the life of the cheese. Therefore, you can defrost only the amount of cheese curds you need from the bag, not needing to defrost the whole bag. With a shelf-life of 210 days, you can buy and serve curds all year round.

Aside from being delicious, Pure Dairy Cheese Curds also provide your body with essential minerals, which are a great addition to any diet. Although cheese curds are often overlooked as a common ingredient for poutine, they have a lot to offer in many dishes. While these unique and decadent cheeses may seem simple, they add a surprising flavour and versatility to any dish.

Pure Dairy’s team of experienced cheesemongers can provide you with Cheese Curds that will meet and even exceed your expectations.

Our team is committed to providing the finest quality cheeses from around the world, and our Cheese Curds are available Australia-wide.

Please inquire into the availability of our cheese curds through your website, and we’ll get back in touch shortly.