All you need to know about DS Group and its businesses

Dharampal Satyapal Group or DS Group is a multi-business corporation and a leading FMCG conglomerate based out of India. Founded in 1929, the growth of the group has been inspiring with a presence in diverse industry sectors like food and beverage, mouth freshener, confectionery, agri, luxury retail, hospitality and tobacco businesses among others. 

The group is guided by the vision to be a leading quality- and innovation-driven global conglomerate. The group’s out of the box thinking and doing things in new, creative and cost-efficient ways is clearly reflected in its array of products and brands.

How did DS Group get started?

The story of the onset of DS Group is one of grit, passion and success. The founders of the DS Group: Shri Dharampal ‘Sugandhi’ and Shri Satyapal ‘Sugandhi’ started out as humble traders as they opened a perfumery shop in Chandni Chowk in Delhi. After getting an incredible response from its customers in the initial years, the group dared to diversify into new ventures. 

Shri Satyapal ‘Sugandhi’ blended tobacco with various exquisite fragrances for the first time and introduced the category to quality and research. He was also an astute businessman. Today, the group is well-known across the country, which can be attributed to the farsightedness of its founders.

The story behind DS Group logo

The story behind the DS logo is also interesting. It is the story of metamorphosis, of reinventing the future. The current logo, designed in 2003, captures the nine-decade long journey of the DS Group. The logo is a timeless, confident, inspiring and meaningful symbol to achieve the impossible and become a world leader. 

While the green colour suggests prosperity and purity, the logo puts forth a distinctive image of the group constantly re-innovating itself for a better tomorrow.

DS Group business initiatives

From mouth fresheners and confectionery to F&B and other businesses, the DS Group is a leader in many of the verticals it operates in—food and beverage, agri, mouth freshener, hospitality, confectionery, tobacco, luxury retail and other business initiatives. 

Food – Spices, Dairy, Healthy Snacks, Snacks

The group has been operational in the F&B segment since 1987 and has since launched many household favourite products. While Catch Spices offers matchless taste and quality, Kewal Spices caters to price-conscious consumers. Ksheer is a dairy product brand of the group.

The group Not Just Nuts range has been offering India healthy snacking options that are gluten-free and preservative-free. Their new brand, Snack Factory, offers delicious snacks in innovative flavours.

Confectionery – Candy and Toffee

DS Group has been an expert in flavours and fragrances since its genesis. This understanding has helped the group to launch successful brands like Pass Pass. Pass Pass Pulse and Pass Pass Chingles are two of the confectionery items offered by the group.

Beverages – Water and Juices

The group marked its debut in the beverage sector with Catch Natural Spring Water in 1999. Under the brand, the group offers water, soda, flavoured water, juice beverages, etc. products.

Hospitality – Hotels

The group has also ventured into the hospitality sector with a luxurious property in Nainital—The Manu Maharani. The property is famous for its accommodation and dining. Other properties owned by the group include Namah in Jim Corbett National Park, Radisson Blu Hotel in Guwahati, Crowne Plaza in Jaipur Tonk Road and Holiday Inn Express at Kolkata Airport.

Mouth fresheners

DS Group entered the mouth fresheners market with the launch of Tansen way back in 1976. But the brand that is presumably the most popular brand of the group is Rajnigandha that was launched in 1983. It is the world’s largest-selling premium pan masala.

Luxury retail

The group also has concerns in the luxury retail space. DS Group has acquired Le Marche and L’Opéra, some of the well-known retail chains in the industry.

Agri business

The group has to its credit the revival of the endangered forest species sandalwood in Madhya Pradesh. DS Group has established the largest sandalwood plantation as an agroforestry model in the country.

Brands owned by DS Group

Below are some of the popular brands owned by DS Group:


Catch Spices from the group offer matchless quality and taste. The consumers have four different variants of spices to choose from.


Kewal spices is a relatively new range of spices launched to cater to the price-conscious segment of consumers.


Ksheer dairy products from the group are popular for their purity and taste as they source best quality milk from local farmers.

Pass Pass

Pass Pass Pulse is the candy with a tangy twist, which you must have tried. Pass Pass Chingles is the chewing gum mint that offers a refreshing taste.


The world’s largest selling premium pan masala, Rajnigandha has redefined the industry standards with its rich blend of ingredients like Betel Nut, Lime, Catechu, Cardamom Seeds and added flavours.


FRU Juicy Jelly candy, made from a variety of fruit pulps, has a soft and chewy texture and is popular among all age groups.


The liquid-filled candy Maze offers the taste of real coffee with a crunchy Caramel crust. 

DS Group partnerships

Below are some of the important partnerships made by the DS Group:

Le Marche

Le Marche is a food store that offers a wide range of products from everyday groceries to exotic imports. The food brand has six stores in the Delhi NCR region.


L’Opéra is a high-end, authentic pastry and bakery house that specialised in French products in India. The brand offers high-end culinary offerings.

Radisson Blu Hotel

An ideal destination for business and leisure travellers in Guwahati, Radisson Blu Hotel offers picturesque views of the Deepor Beel lake. It was the first five star hotel in the North East.

Crowne Plaza

Located in the business hub of Sitapura in Jaipur Tonk Road and in close proximity to the airport, Crowne Plaza provides fantastic options to business travellers with five eclectic dining places.

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn is a property surrounded by lush green landscaping, located near the Kolkata Airport. It is an ideal transit hotel for yoga and morning walk enthusiasts and has 125 well-appointed rooms.

Future plans

DS Group is heading towards sustainability as it strides forward. The DS Group Headquarters has already been awarded the LEED Platinum certification for being a green building. The group has also launched a water economic zone in Madhya Pradesh in 2022.

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