7 Sustainable Packaging Ideas for 2022

For many consumers, the environmental impact of their buying decisions is becoming a more vital factor that they consider today. A report from IBM showed that six out of ten consumers are willing to adopt environmentally-friendly shopping habits, implying the rising significance of sustainability today. Others are more concerned with sustainability and will spend more to support eco-friendly brands.

This consumer attitude toward sustainability drives brands and encourages businesses to adopt sustainable practices. Companies have delved deeper into many ways to address this rising trend, including environmentally-friendly wrapping like paper food packaging.

Most sustainable packaging is made with renewable or recycled materials and uses clean production techniques. Large brown paper bags and food containers made of recyclable kraft paper are two examples of sustainable packaging. Green packaging is beneficial, safe, and healthy for consumers.

Minimalist packaging is sustainable because it only uses one or two materials. Minimalist packaging doesn’t include distracting graphics. Minimalist packaging allows brands to communicate powerful brand messages to customers by using simple, minimalist packaging. Kraft paper is used a lot in minimalist green packaging, especially for food and drinks. Brown paper bags made from kraft paper are cost-effective and sustainable options enterprises can consider.

Customers and businesses both benefit from returnable packaging. This business practice allows customers to return packaging to be reused. Some companies even offer incentives to customers who return packaging and containers, making it a beneficial option that considers sustainability in the long run.

Enterprises can also consider plantable packaging as an alternative to traditional packaging practices. It is possible to make sustainable choices that will benefit everyone in the long run, thanks to continuous technological advancements which we currently see across industries. For example, plantable packaging has seeds inside it. When buried, the packaging breaks down and exposes the seeds to the soil. This packaging is zero-waste and allows customers to take part in green practices.

For more details about sustainable packaging ideas for 2022, here is an infographic provided by Bagitan Packaging.


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