5 Surprising Reasons Why Many People Love Saffron

As some of you may know, saffron is considered one of the most expensive spices in the world, so precious that it has been coined “red gold” or the “queen of all spices”. The process it takes to produce this spice is what makes it very pricey.

Many are not so oriented with saffron, yet, those who were able to truly discover this spice, foodies and chefs alike, fall in love with it. And why not? There are plenty of reasons to do so.


Saffron has a sweet, floral and honey taste that lingers in your taste buds. It effortlessly blends and brings the best in sweet and savoury dishes. Saffron though is not as common as pepper, and so there are certain dishes that complement it. Once you have grown familiar with its taste, feel free to experiment with some of your favourite dishes, however, the price of this wonderful spice may not be so friendly on the pocket.


The aroma alone screams delicious. It is subtly earthy, and grassy, with a tinge of floral and honey. Dishes with saffron smell this good, and it tastes just as pleasant. Spanish paellas, risottos, curries, and puddings are just a few of the long lists made even more extraordinary with saffron. You would only need a very minimal amount for your dishes to burst in flavour and aroma.


Saffron creates a striking golden hue on every dish. Some even notice a hint of blue that probably makes it very alluring to the eyes. Indeed, the beautiful colour it adds to every dish is one of the reasons for its attractiveness.


Surprisingly, the price of this precious spice makes it even more enticing. The value it adds to every dish draws a different kind of attention. People like the idea of having something “luxurious” or “expensive”. That is why foods infused with saffron are not found in common lunches or dinners. 


Saffron has been used for more than 5,000 years not only as a seasoning but also as an ingredient in medicines. In the late middle ages, saffron is believed to have been used as an effective agent against serious infectious diseases such as malaria and cholera. It is, in fact, recently introduced as an element in the diets of COVID patients, as it helps reduce the progression of COVID and other respiratory diseases. Saffron is also commonly used in medicines for depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, premenstrual syndrome and menstrual cramps. It helps improve mood and increase libido.  

Where to buy saffron that won’t disappoint you? Well, saffron is expensive and not readily available everywhere, so there are plenty of fake ones on the market. If you are not very keen on this, it is best to purchase from trusted stores online. Visit this link and surely you will find the best authentic saffron in the market.

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