4 Things You Didn’t Know about Belgian Fries! 

You can never say NO to Belgian fries! They’re crispy, tasty, and different from the regular fries you get in different food chains. 

Many people aren’t aware that Belgians perfected the fries. Of course, they have a French origin, but there is a lot more you need to know about these fries. 

Here’s a quick post that talks about the 4 things you didn’t know about Belgian fries. Let’s dive right in! 

#1 The Origin of ‘French’ Fries 

Don’t get fooled by the name of these fries. Even though the origin is Paris (France), the fries were perfected in Belgium. 

There’s another story behind this. A group of soldiers was stationed in Belgium, but they thought they were in France. When the soldiers got these fries, they nicknamed them, ‘French fries.’ 

So, don’t start thinking that it’s an American dish. Sure, there are fast-food chains everywhere and they serve French fries, but they are not the same as Belgian fries. 

#2 The Cooking Method of Belgian Fries 

Belgian fries are cooked on low heat first and then deep-fried on high heat. 

This way the fries get crispy and tasty. They remain soft from the inside, but the exterior is crispy and beautiful. 

Also, the cut is thicker, so there is a major difference between the fries you get at most fast-food chains and a Belgian fries outlet. 

#3 Traditional Topping that Goes with Belgian Fries 

Belgians serve fries with all kinds of condiments like ketchup and tartar. Mustard is also a great condiment, but most Belgians like to serve it with mayonnaise. 

The mayonnaise that Belgians serve is way better than the one Americans serve. Americans prepare a sweeter variant of mayonnaise, but the Belgian one is rich and less sweet. 

#4 Not Just a Side Dish in Belgium 

Most people treat fries as a side dish, but it is taken very seriously in Belgium. 

Belgians don’t treat it as a side dish. They treat it as a delicacy that can be eaten in most parts of the day. 

The Belgians thought that frying starchy foods like potatoes takes up a lot of coal or wood, so it is a rich dish indeed. 

Concluding Thoughts 

If you’re craving for fries, consider heading to Frite Alors. It’s got the finest and yummiest Belgian fries! 

The crispiness of the fries will make you drool. 

Don’t take these fries lightly because the chef makes them with love and passion. 

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